This site is about the Jurassic (and now - the whole Mesozoic) of Russia and adjacent areas. Here you can find a lot of information on Jurassic research in our country. Publications, history and present-day information on the Jurassic of Russia.









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Lunds universitets års-skrift. Acta Universitatis Lundensis

Lunds universitets årsskrift. 2. Afd., Medicin samt matematiska och naturvetenskapliga ämmen

Mémoires de l'Académie impériale des sciences de St.-Pétersbourg. VIIe série

Mémoires de la Société linnéenne de Normandie (1824-1872) (available for downloading of selected pages or viewing, while download of the whole volumes is restricted)

Mémoires du Comité géologique

Miscellanea Curiosa, sive Ephemiridum Medico-Physicarum Germanicarum Academiae Naturae Curiosorum


Link to personal web-page by Robert Riding is also added:

New Jurassic publications (scanned by and/or received from M. Alberti, M. Alekseev, C. Frau, D. Gulyaev, A. Kuzmin, V. Mitta, H. Parent, M. Rogov, A. Shkolin and from the, web-sites and forum Groupe de Recherche en Paleobiologie et Biostratigraphie des Ammonites):

Alekseev M.A. (2014) Foraminifers and palaeogeography of the Jurassic of the Lena-Anabar depression (Middle Siberia) // Regional geology and metallogeny. No. 57. P.37-48. [in Russian] pdf

Biostratigraphy of Mesozoic deposits of the oil-bearing areas of the USSR. Moscow: IGIRGI, 1972. 116 p. [in Russian] pdf


Moskvin M.M., Endelman L.G. Late Cretaceous sea urchins of Mangyshlak and their stratigraphic implications

Panteleev G.S. Some Upper Maastrichtian Exogyra of Tuarkyr

Aliev M.M., Gofman E.A. On the recognition of the Bathonian deposits in the Mountain Mangyshlak

Aliev M.M., Tsanturova A.A. New data on Lower Triassic deposits of Mangyshlak

Zabelina T.M. Foraminiferal habitat conditions in the Cenomanian-Turonian basin of Trans-Caspia

Nehrikova N.I. On the position of the Danian-Montian boundary in Mangyshlak and Western Turkmenia (on the base of study of brachiopods)

Alekseeva L.Z., Korotkov V.A., Shilova D.D. On the age of Kyzylkyr Formation of Tuarkyr (Western Turkmenia)

Shilova D.D. Ostracod genus Cypridea from Kyzylkyr Formation of Tuarkyr (Western Turkmenia)

Tsanturova A.A. New data on stratigraphy of the Lower Jurassic deposits of South Mangyshlak Genkina R.Z. On stratigraphy and flora of the Jurassic terrestrial deposits of the Hanaka river bsin (southern slope of Gissar Range)

Nikishova V.M., Dubrovskaya E.N. On stratigraphy of the Jurassic deposits of Shurab coal field (South Fergana)

Dubrovskaya E.N. Spore-pollen assemblages of the Lower Mesozoic terrestrial deposits of Kavak-Tau Ridge (Tian-Shan)

Galeeva L.I. New Barremian ostracods of the genus Cypridea from the south Peri-Aral

Mazur V.M. Usage of data of the diphractometric analysis of clay minerals for aims of detalization of some questions of palaeogeography

Rovnina L.V., Yastrebova T.A. Stratigraphy of Lower-Middle Jurassic deposits of Novy Port oli-and-gas field in Yamal Peninsula



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